Franciscan Youth Live Their Christian Faith with Joy

YouFra: God’s Call to Young Adults to Journey with St. Francis

Young Franciscan on guitar
Photos by R. Stronach

YouFra is a journey of Franciscan Spirituality for young people who seek to deepen their life with God, their understanding of self, of others and the exceptional beauty of creation. They grow together in the hope of making a difference by their simple acts in their everyday world.

YouFra (Franciscan Youth) has existed for decades in other countries (e.g., Italy, Spain, Latin America). Members of YouFra deepen their own vocation or calling in the light of the message of St. Francis by regular meetings where spiritual guidance is given.

Franciscan Youth can have their own fraternities, journeying with the support of Secular Franciscans and Franciscan spiritual assistants. YouFra is for young adult men and women ages 18 to 30.