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Anglican and Ecumenical Franciscans Attend Chapter

NASHVILLE, TN -- Anglican and ecumenical Franciscan orders were represented at the National Chapter (held Oct. 14-19 in Nashville).

The Rev. Joan Verret, TSSF, a deacon, expressed her delight at being able to represent the Anglican's Third Order Society of St. Francis (TSSF) -- especially since the TSSF was convening its annual chapter the same week.

"Thank you for your openness and hospitality," she said.

Verret ministers at a youth camp and retreat center in Florida and is the former fellowship coordinator for the TSSF.

Shoshonah Kay, OEF, the new formation director for the Order of Ecumenical Franciscans, told how she discovered Franciscanism as a Quaker.

She came across books published by the Secular Franciscan Order and devoured them. On one, she noticed a message about finding Franciscans near you by calling 1-800-FRANCIS. She called and learned of a fraternity near her home in Connecticut. She went to its gathering, and was welcomed to journey with the fraternity even though she was not Catholic.

During her journey, she came across the Order of Ecumenical Franciscans, and also discovered the Christ-centered richness of the Catholic faith.

Now she is Roman Catholic, she said, noting that Franciscanism embodies everything she loved about Quakerism.

And she continues to journey with the Ecumenical Franciscans, she said, because of the richness of interfacing with people of other faiths.

Media Contact:  Robert Stronach, SFO

Bishop David Choby
Rev. Joan Verret, TSSF

Shoshonah Kay, OEF